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Reload Kit

Reload Kit

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Done with your first grow & ready to grow another plant? 

Our Reload Kit get's you ready for that next grow by replacing all consumables such as the live soil from our Outdoor Grow Kit and Indoor Grow KitJust make sure to properly wash your fabric pot before filling it with new soil, avoiding transmission of potential pests. 

PLEASE NOTE: This kit does not come with all the required base components  so if you're a first-time grower, please check out our Outdoor Grow Kit and Indoor Grow Kit.

Who will love this kit 😍

  • All growers who fell in love with our our Grow Kits and now are ready for round #2

What you'll get from us 🤲

  • 1 cultivation pot: Small container to start your seed ​
  • 20l soil mix: Natural medium specially designed for your plant’s roots to grow in​
  • 3l live soil mix: Organic, nutrient-rich soil containing live microorganisms that provide everything your plant needs
  • 1 plant label: Label to name and identify your plant​​
  • 30ml neem oil: Natural pesticide and fungicide for pest control​

We value your feedback 😊

Our ultimate goal is to provide the best gardening experience. And since we're committed to continuous improvement, changes to our products may occur as we keep fine-tuning based on the feedback we receive from all the amazing growers out there.

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