A soldier and a consultant walk into a bar ...

This isn't your typical bar joke setup; it's more like the story of how we, Cody and Nikita, the folks behind Grow my Green, found ourselves in the same groove.

We realized that today's usual herb growing techniques are over-optimized, complex, and expensive – or in other words: a niche hobby for a few very committed individuals.

We have teamed up to change that by offering a simple, affordable, sustainable & empowering way to grow herbs.


Make growing simple, affordable, sustainable and empowering for all

To make growing accessible to the broad “canacurious” public, we want to: Simplify the game, make those wallets happier, prioritize environmental impact and enable all existing or future hobby gardeners.

We want to achieve this by offering:

(1) An All-in-One Grow Kit that only contains the few must-needs to grow – easy to use, affordable, sustainable and also usable without a grow box

(2)tailored guide that covers the few critical steps to grow a plant from seed to smile – easy to follow, without any upfront learning

Because we believe that’s everything you need for a successful and fun grow.


The fundamental beliefs that set us apart

  • Simplicity sparks confidence: We're all about making things easy, giving every curious soul a confidence boost to grow their own herb – remember, it's called a weed for a reason
  • Affordability for all: Growing like a pro doesn't mean emptying your wallet. We're focusing on the essentials for wallet-friendly results
  • Sustainability equals quality: By cutting all the fluff, we keeping our approach eco-conscious – this will not only make our planet happy, but also ensures pure & organic results
  • Empowerment fuels success: We're here to hand you everything to rock your own grow – no Googling involved
  • Joy in growing: Growing should be a dance, not a march – let's have fun along the journey 😊