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    The grow kit and grow guide were super easy to follow. The kit needs minimal space: I have my greens under my work desk with the light on and I barely notice it. The additional advantage: I can check on my greens between some meetings. Can't wait for my first harvest!"

    - Javi A.

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    "Ordering was easy and it arrived in a discreet package in a couple of days - faster than I thought. With the instructions it was simple to set up, mix the soils and transplant. Now after the light is set with the timer, I just have to water every couple days and my plant seems happy. I love watching it grow."

    - Katya E.


Growing shouldn't be rocket science, right?

Right! Our secret sauce: Simplicity!

Live soil is your plant's natural nutrient buffet – just add water to keep those microbes happy!

Ditch plastic, and use fabric pots for better root health and temperature control.

A powerful lamp and fan are enough for photosynthesis and strong growth indoors. Other extras like grow tents needed? Nice-to-have, but not essential unless you're going professional.

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Harvest savings, not just herbs!

Why pay €10+ market price when you can just grow your own for €3 to 6?

Our grow kits below €190 are your ticket to budget-friendly herb growing. This all-inclusive package covers everything from seed to harvest including a tailored step-by-step grow guide.
Other kits often target pros, starting at €350 or more.

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Happy plant, happy planet, happy you!

The live soil we use houses millions of microbes & fungi that provide all the nutrients your plant needs – all natural. That means: No need for artificial nutrients or additives. After all, you are what you eat (or puff 😊)

Your herb loves sunlight, but you want to grow inside? Then our powerful 200W LED grow light is for you – it provides the optimal light for growth, consumes low levels of energy and is super easy to set up.

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Learn while growing – no Googling needed

Our super-condensed instructions are tailored to our kit and rely on tried-and-true techniques that actually work. No prep work needed!

 Sometimes things don't go as planned and that's totally normal. From strange leaf colors to tiny insects, we've seen it all. With our troubleshooting guide you handle common challenges with ease.

And in case questions might still pop up, we're just a WhatsApp message away.

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Any questions? We've got the answers!

What is included in your grow kit?

Our Outdoor Grow Kit includes everything you need to grow a seed from the very beginning to a fruitful harvest in your garden or on your balcony.

In case you want to grow inside, consider our Indoor Grow Kit.

Feel free to check out the detailed descriptions of our selected components in our shop.

And what is not included?

For legal reasons, we unfortunately can't provide you with a seed as of now – but we're already working on a solution 😊

But don't I also need a grow tent if I grow indoor?

The short answer is: No, a grow tent is not necessarily required to grow herbs indoors – especially if cost and complexity are on top of your mind.

Although our Outdoor Grow Kit can be perfectly used in a grow tent, we believe it's only a nice-to-have. It can be a useful addition if you want to harvest more significant yields, are willing to also spend additional money (in the low hundreds) on the additional components that are required along with a tent (like a professional vent system) and deal with the complexity in setup and maintenance.

With our goal to make growing simple & affordable, we have chosen not to include a grow tent in our Indoor Grow Kit. What ultimately moves the needle from our experience: A powerful light & fan. And for those who want to limit the wonderful smell: There are specific odor neutralizers, which can reduce the smell to one room.

How are you different from other grow kits?

We believe that our grow kit stands out because:

  1. With our grow kit you only have to decide on two things: 1) Do I want to grow and 2) Where do I want to grow.
    For all the other potential questions that are usually outsourced to the gardener, we already have the answers for you: All our components are carefully selected and tested – no endless googling for you
  2. For us, the included components strike the ideal balance between simplicity, affordability & sustainability
  3. Since empowering you is our goal, we offer a free grow guide that is tailored to our grow kit in all aspects (sprouting your seed, repotting, watering, inspecting your plant, and more), so you don't have to spend time on finding the best grow approach

I have zero gardening knowledge – is your grow kit for me?

Absolutely! Our grow kit is especially designed with beginners in mind. It comes with easy-to-use components and intuitive instructions, making it perfect for those with zero gardening experience. It is specifically designed to only water and inspect your plant on a daily basis.

For all our pioneer customers, we as well offer one-to-one grow support via WhatsApp – you'll get all the details on how to best reach out to us with your grow kit.

Is it legal to buy your grow kit?

Yes, our grow kit is legal to buy (also in countries with more repressive laws) since it only contains carefully selected gardening equipment that enables you to pull of a grow.

Please familiarize yourself with your local regulations to ensure legal cultivation at your location with our grow kit.

How much space will your grow kit need?

On average, 1 plant will take up to 40x40cm in space and up to 1.50m in height.

Please note: Since we are dealing with living organisms, these estimates are just averages and vary based on the strain you use (indica vs. sativa), whether you use auto-flower plants of not, and where you grow (indoor vs. outdoor).

How much time do I need to spend on daily basis?

Spend just a few minutes daily checking water, giving your plant a drink, and ensuring no pests. For occasional hiccups (totally normal!), you'll need some extra minutes to check out our troubleshooting guide or to reach out to us.

How long until harvest?

Depending on the type of herb you're growing, harvest time typically ranges from 8 to 12 weeks after seed germination.

I had amazing results and I want to grow again – do I need to purchase an entire kit again?

Awesome – and no, you don't need to purchase an entire grow kit again.

For follow-on grows, our Reload Kit replaces only the depleted consumables such as the live soil from our All-in-One Herb Grow Kit.

Many other components like pot, saucer, macro lense can be reused in your next grow – this makes every follow-on grow more affordable & more sustainable.

How efficient are the electric components, the light and fan?

Though the light outputs 200W of energy to your plant, it only consumes 25W - "thank you energy efficient LEDs!" The fan only consumes 15W.

Based on the usage according to our grow instructions, on a per month basis, the light consumes 15 KwH and the fan 11 KwH.

So what does that cost you in energy? At a rate of 27 cents per KwH (2023 German energy prices) both components together will only cost less than €7 per month.

Grow Kit ordered and now ready to learn how to grow?