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Grow my Green

Outdoor Grow Kit

Outdoor Grow Kit

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Our Outdoor Grow Kit includes all the must-needs to grow your favorite "herb" outside in your garden or balcony 😉

Our secret sauce: Live soil. The microbes living in it provide everything your plant needs no further artificial additives & fertilizers needed. Just water them to keep them happy! This game-changer makes growing a simple & organic experience.

The FREE Grow & Troubleshooting Guides we include are tailor-made to the grow kit and cover a step-by-step guidance your helpers for an independent journey from seed to harvest.

Who will love this kit 😍

  • All curious folks who have been waiting to finally try out something new and grow their own herbs instead of buying from someone else
  • All minimalists who just want to grow their own herbs – no complicated setups, no Googling
  • All smart savers out there who appreciate high quality herbs at budget prices
  • All natural lovers who prefer organic over artificial and want to know what they consume
  • All non-growers who haven't raised a single plant in their lives yet

What you'll get from us 🤲

  • 1 cultivation pot: Small container to start your seed ​
  • 1 19l fabric pot: Breathable container to house your plant from seedling to harvest​
  • 1 pot saucer: Protecting surface beneath your plant that collects excess water ​
  • 20l soil mix: Natural medium specially designed for your plant’s roots to grow in​
  • 3l live soil mix: Organic, nutrient-rich soil containing live microorganisms that provide everything your plant needs
  • 1 plant label: Label to name and identify your plant​​
  • 1 macro lense: Lense to assess optimal time for harvest and take nice photos – works with all smartphones, simple clip-on to your camera​
  • 30ml neem oil: Natural pesticide and fungicide for pest control​
  • 1 grow guide: Our comprehensive guide to successful growing​
  • 1 FREE gift: A TerpLoc humidor bag to keep your harvest fresh and flavorful - first 50 pioneer customers get it while it lasts!

Want to grow indoors? 🏠

  • Check out our Indoor Grow Kit – it provides you with everything you'll need to grow indoors:
    • Powerful LED light that gets your plants' photosynthesis going
    • Fan for a strong stem & dense leaf growth
    • And a few other little helpers
  • You're on the professional track and already got a full-blown tent setup? Cool! Our Outdoor Grow Kit also perfectly combines with all professional indoor setups 

How to get started 🚀

  • STEP 1: Decide if you want to grow indoor or outdoor  IMPORTANT for all indoor growers: Don't forget to check out our Indoor Grow Kit
  • STEP 2: Get your seed while our package is on it's way
  • STEP 3: Follow our included step-by-step Grow Guide  and in case something doesn't go as planned: We're here to help you out! DM us on WhatsApp our contact details are included in the kit 

We value your feedback 😊

Our ultimate goal is to provide the best gardening experience. And since we're committed to continuous improvement, changes to our products may occur as we keep fine-tuning based on the feedback we receive from all the amazing growers out there.

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