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Indoor Starter Grow Kit

Indoor Starter Grow Kit

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Our Indoor Starter Grow Kit includes all the must-needs to grow your favorite "herb" inside plug & play instead of construct & pray 😉

Our secret sauce: Live soil. The microbes living in it provide everything your plant needs no further artificial additives & fertilizers needed. Just water them to keep them happy! This game-changer makes growing a simple & organic experience.

To make growing indoors possible, you will additional support from a lamp that fuels photosynthesis, a fan mimics nature's breeze for a strong stem & dense leaf growth and a few further helpers.

The FREE Grow & Troubleshooting Guides we include are tailor-made to the grow kit and cover a step-by-step guidance your helpers for an independent journey from seed to harvest.

Who will love this kit 😍

  • All curious folks who have been waiting to finally try out something new and grow their own herbs instead of buying from someone else
  • All minimalists who just want to grow their own herbs – no complicated setups, no Googling
  • All smart savers out there who appreciate high quality herbs at budget prices
  • All natural lovers who prefer organic over artificial and want to know what they consume
  • All non-growers who haven't raised a single plant in their lives (yet!)

What you'll get from us 🤲

  • 1 cultivation pot: Small container to start your seed ​
  • 1 19l fabric pot: Breathable container to house your plant from seedling to harvest​
  • 1 pot saucer: Protecting surface beneath your plant that collects excess water ​
  • 20l soil mix: Natural medium specially designed for your plant’s roots to grow in​
  • 3l live soil mix: Organic, nutrient-rich soil containing live microorganisms that provide everything your plant needs
  • 1 plant label: Label to name and identify your plant​​
  • 1 macro lense: Lense to assess optimal time for harvest and take nice photos – works with all smartphones, simple clip-on to your camera​
  • 30ml neem oil: Natural pesticide and fungicide for pest control​
  • 1 grow guide: Our comprehensive guide to successful growing​
  • 1 LED grow light 25w: Light source that simulates sunlight to get that photosynthesis inside your home
  • 1 timer: Automated device, regulating the duration of your grow light to provide optimal illumination cycles
  • 1 grow fan: Ventilation for your indoor plants  to mimic nature's breeze for a strong stem & dense leaf growth
  • 1 odor neutralizer: Lowers the smell of certain herbs and limits them to one of your rooms
  • 4 sticky pest traps: Deploy them at first sign of gnats or other flying pests
  • 1 FREE gift: A TerpLoc humidor bag to keep your harvest fresh and flavorful - first 50 pioneer customers get it while it lasts!

The light produces 25W of energy to your plant which is perfect to start your seedlings before moving them outside or grow through harvest and yield 15-30g. The fan only consumes 15W.

Based on the usage according to our grow instructions, on a per month basis, the light consumes 15 KwH and the fan 11 KwH.

So what does that cost you in energy? At a rate of 27 cents per KwH (2023 German energy prices) both components together will only cost less than €7 per month.

Want to grow outdoors? 🏠

  • Check out our Outdoor Grow Kit – it provides you with everything you'll need to grow in your garden or on your balcony

How to get started 🚀

  • STEP 1: Decide if you want to grow indoor or outdoor  IMPORTANT for all outdoor growers: Don't forget to check out our Outdoor Grow Kit
  • STEP 2: Get your seed while our package is on it's way
  • STEP 3: Follow our included step-by-step Grow Guide  and in case something doesn't go as planned: We're here to help you out! DM us on WhatsApp our contact details are included in the kit 

We value your feedback 😊

Our ultimate goal is to provide the best gardening experience. And since we're committed to continuous improvement, changes to our products may occur as we keep fine-tuning based on the feedback we receive from all the amazing growers out there.

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