Causes of Laptop Overheat

Overheat is one of the common problems that often occur in laptops and the cause that makes laptops short-lived. Even though it has a cooling fan and air circulation regulator, sometimes the laptop can still overheat due to negligence when maintaining and using the laptop. Excessive heat on the laptop makes the laptop’s performance slow,… Continue reading Causes of Laptop Overheat

How to Overcome a Slow Laptop

Laptop performance that is slow and starts to slow will be enough to interfere with laptop use, especially for important purposes. Especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Almost all learning activities to work really require the use of a laptop. When your laptop starts to slow down, don’t rush to replace it with a new… Continue reading How to Overcome a Slow Laptop

Network Solutions

A computer network is a telecommunications network that is capable of connecting computers to other computers and the network system is a very important component in many benefits such as sharing printers, sharing media storage, centralized data, sharing the internet and providing transportation media. As a company engaged in Integrations IT Solution & Supplier, we… Continue reading Network Solutions